The best way to learn as a student

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Published On: 26-02-2022

"There are different ways to adopt when learning. In any way, having a growth mindset comes first."

Having a growth mindset makes you to be determined. People with growth mindset don’t say “I can’t do it” rather they say “Yes, I did it”.  People with growth mindset are unlimited. As a student, you should have a growth mindset. Students with growth mindset don’t say “I’m not good at that subject” rather they look for ways to improve.
Growth mindset beget positive attitude. When you have a growth mindset it will lead you to have a positive attitude to circumstances around you. 

A first class student of UNN was asked how he was able to have A’s in his mathematics course.  According to him, he had E (39-49) in the same course in his 100 level first semester examination. Because there was this atmosphere of fear created by students in his level and students in higher level that no student in their department could pass the course, many students keep failing the course and some that made it had poor scores.   
But he told himself “I can do better than this if only I can put more effort”.  At this moment his attitude changed. He looked beyond the negative things other student craved about the course and started looking for ways to do better in the next semester examination. 
After the second semester examination, the result came out and he had A in that course. 

In most cases studying seems to be like a punishment when one does not have the right attitude. Having the right attitude means having a positive outlook of the course of study.  If you have the right attitude, learning shifts from being a punishment to more effective way to learn.

Secondly, get organized. For students, being organized is particularly important since it helps them learn how to prioritize activities set and achieve goals and reduce stress. Having good organizational skills also makes it easier to collaborate with others and helps increase productivity and efficiency. 
When you are not organized, you lose focus which can hinder or distract you from achieving your goals. As a student, you can be organized, when you:-
-        Make a to-do list: write down all your day-to-day activities in order of preferences. These include: assignments, projects and other things that needs to be done before their due date.
-       Plan your study schedule: it is very crucial to have a study plan. Write down the entire subjects that you would like to study and the suitable time for each. You can time block and color code it. 
-      Don’t multi-task: Trying to study more than a subject at the same time could be stressful and time consuming. Study shows that, student who multitask spends 50% more achieving their task. Not only that, it will get you confused. Study your subject one after the other.

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The best way to learn as a student

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